Sanitary Disposal Bin
  • Product :
  • Patent No. :
    • 10-1620492-0000  (Sanitary Disposal Bin)
  • Features :
    • - Coconut air-carbon deodorizer
    • - Sanitary bag only for sanitary products
    • - Convenient power supply (Battery, adaptor, rechargeable battery)
    • - Sensor-operated automatic opening and closing door
    • - Sense bell
    • - UV lamp sterilization

Sanitary Bag

Biodegradable plastic material
Hygienic and eco-friendly

Coconut Air-Carbon Deodorizer

Dozens of times stronger
deodorization effect than charcoal

Convenient Power Supply

D Type Alkaline Battery
(1.5V, 5A x 4ea), adaptor (DC 6V),
rechargeable battery

Automatic Opening and Closing Door

Sensor-operated touch-free automatic opening
and closing door for hygiene

UV Lamp

UV lamp sterilization

Sense Bell

Sense bell for securing women’s privacy

Sanitary Disposal Box

Anti-bacterial plastic prevents propagation of germs
Anti-flame prevents fire hazard

Name of Each Part
  • Coconut Air-carbon: Reprocessed coconut shell by heat treatment with ultra high temperature steam at 600~900'C in a special high pressure kiln to activate adsorption.
  • Strong adsorption by numerous pores of 100% natural coconut air-carbon
  • Adsorption deodorizing effect dozens of times stronger than charcoal
  • Natural air cleaner and dehumidifier
  • Strong decomposition prevention and adsorption removal of harmful substance such as mold and bacteria
  • Natural mineral, far-infrared radiation, and anion provide pleasant condition
Sanitary Bag
  • Biodegradable material made mainly by corn starch
  • Green certified biodegradable sanitary bag only for female sanitary products
  • Plastic recyclable
  • Government certified product such as Green Certification and Bio-mass Certification
Convenient Power Supply
  • Battery Type : D Type Alkaline Battery (1.5V, 5A x 4ea)
  • Adaptor Type : DC 5V (Exportable worldwide with national adaptors)
  • Rechargeable Battery Type (Option)
Automatic Opening and Closing Door
  • After lower sensor detection, automatic opening and closing operate
  • Secure good hygiene with touch-free operation
  • Opening time : 3 seconds
  • Sensing distance adjustment : Approx. 30 ~ 60mm [Based on hands detection]
Sterilizing UV Lamp
  • UV lamp operates connected to automatic door
  • When UV lamp operates ozone generates and sterilization and deodorization starts
  • Lighting time : 60 seconds
Sense Bell
  • Sound of water keeps women’s privacy when using restroom
  • Sense bell operates by pushing switch button at front
  • Water saving effect by substituting sense bell for flushing
  • Sound playing time : 17 ~ 20 seconds
Sanitary Disposal Box
  • Anti-bacterial plastic prevents propagation of germs
  • Anti-flame prevents fire hazard
Sanitary Disposal Bin Instruction
Pull out one sheet of plastic bag from dispenser on the left top.
Put sanitary disposal in plastic sanitary bag.
Put your hands near the sensor at the bottom.
When the slot opens, throw in the sanitary disposal bag.
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